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Thanks, Mom.

I have my mom to thank for a lot of things, one of which is finally deciding to attend Massage Therapy school. Yes, my mom has always been supportive and encouraging, as moms tend to be. This happens to be one of those times where she led by example, and I took note.

I watched my mom take care of herself, both mentally and physically, through regular massage for years. After some injuries caused chronic pain, she found relief in massage and in turn was able to keep her body healthier through maintaining a regular schedule with a regular therapist. It's amazing what can happen when you develop a relationship with a bodyworker who gets to know your body and communicates openly with you about your goals.

Observing how this made a positive difference in my mom's life encouraged me to explore massage as an option for stress and pain relief and sparked an interest in the field.

When I decided to go to school, of course, my mom was one of my biggest cheerleaders (and extremely willing to hop on the table for me to practice)!

This Mother's Day, I celebrate the awesome example of a healthy lifestyle my mom has modeled, and hope that I am doing the same for my kids. To all of the moms, grandmas and strong women in our lives, thank you for all that you do....and yes, you DO deserve that massage!

If you want to give the gift of massage to your mom or a special someone in your life, or treat yourself, you can purchase gift certificates for True North Massage Therapy online here .

Happy Mother's Day.....and thank you, Mom. You really are the best.

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