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Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

This unique form of deep tissue massage utilizes the massage therapists feet to apply deep, slow, even pressure for a profoundly relaxing and effective session.  The therapist is able to use their body weight through the broad surface of their foot to deliver deep pressure without the pain or discomfort that can be associated with deep tissue work.  The therapist works seated on a stool at the head of the table or standing on the table, using overhead bars for balance.  This technique can be incorporated into your session in the areas of your choice, or the entire posterior body can be massaged using the Ashiatsu techniques.  

For more information on this technique, feel free to visit the deepfeet website.

This technique is not suitable for everyone, so be sure to review your health history with your therapist when discussing the plan for your session.  

Barefoot Massage.... The deep tissue you've been looking for.png
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