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What are Earseeds?

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Earseeds are tiny seeds or pellets attached to adhesive that get placed on specific points on the ear to treat a variety of conditions.  They can be used to treat anything from acute or chronic pain to stress/anxiety, insomnia, appetite control, back pain, headaches, addiction, name it!  There are over 200 points on the ear that coordinate with different parts or organs in the body!  It's similar to reflexology, but it's called Auriculotherapy.  

As a Certified Earseed Practitioner, I can help you find the right protocols, as well as the right type of seed for you or your loved ones....that's right, they are really great for kiddos too!  

The "seeds" come in a variety of looks to suit any budget or style.  The traditional vaccaria seeds use tan adhesive tape and an actual seed from the vaccaria plant.  Stainless steel or 24k gold are understated and less visible, while Swarovski Crystal embellishment upgrades are also available!  

I am able to add seeds at the end of your massage session to help with pain or stress, or we can book a session dedicated just to Earseeds.  I am also able to consult about them virtually by mailing you seeds, along with an individualized protocol, or you can check out the available kits and shop on your own here:  Earseed Condition Kits

Feel free to reach out with any questions about Earseeds or about setting up a consultation here.

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